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When You Arrive

When you arrive at the clinic a member of our staff will greet you in reception. They will ask you some questions regarding your pet’s history and the issue that prompted you to come in. You will then be given a form to fill out with your information and your pet’s information. Based on the initial triage, if your pet is in any sort of distress or our staff feels that they should be seen immediately by the veterinarian, you will be asked to fill out an emergency consent form and asked for an emergency deposit of $1800.00.  

At this point your pet will be taken to the treatment area to have their vital signs taken and their physical exam done while you finish the necessary paperwork. Depending on their condition at this stage, we may need to perform lifesaving techniques or emergency treatments to stabilize your pet. Each case is unique and the veterinarian will determine which diagnostic testing tools need to be utilized to get a better picture of the presenting problem. As soon as a veterinarian is able to safely leave your beloved pets’ side, they will speak to you and your family regarding the next steps and a recommended treatment plan. At this point, we may require you to sign an estimate for hospitalization and treatment and leave a deposit for the expected treatment.  

Our initial exam fee is combined with an emergency fee for a total of $273.73. This fee includes your full physical exam with a veterinarian, consultation with a veterinarian, and a complete treatment plan with estimate of diagnostics and treatment. Diagnostics such as X-rays, Blood work, Medication, hospitalization, ultrasound, surgery ETC is not included in this cost. The cost of treatment is outlined in your estimate and will be given to you during your consultation with a veterinarian and it will be up to your discretion how we proceed with your pets’ treatment.  

We maintain an on-site laboratory so we can receive results quickly for blood work, urinalysis, and Xray. We keep a wide variety of lifesaving medications and supplies in hospital and remain fully staffed at all times; this allows us to be fully prepared when an emergency walks through our doors at any time of the day.

Should you have any questions about what to expect about your visit to our clinic, please call the clinic directly and our staff will be happy to address your concerns.